The Craft Shack Policies and Rules

Adult Classes and Retreats:

  • Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to start. This will allow you time to get settled in and acquainted with others before class begins. Instructors make every effort to begin and end classes according to schedule out of respect for all in attendance.
  • If you are any later than 15 minutes after the scheduled class start time, you will forfeit your class spot.  The Craft Shack will not issue a refund for a missed class. Arriving late to class, creates a break in instruction which is disrespectful to everyone. Teachers will be unable to “backtrack” to catch up a late arrival and still be able to finish class on time. Attendees are expected to leave when the instructor ends their classes.
  • Class Cancellation Policy:  In the rare event that a class has to be cancelled, either by an instructor or due to an unforeseen event such as inclement weather or other emergency, refunds will be issued in full.  If you would like to cancel a class, you may do so up to a week before class is scheduled, without a refund. You will be given a Craft Shack credit in order to be used towards a future class or purchase of retail goods.
  • Retreat or Payment Plan Cancellation Policy:  You may cancel up to 7 days before the first day of the retreat.  If your cancellation causes the retreat to go below the instructor’s minimum no refund will be issued unless you or we can fill your spot in the workshop, if the spot is filled, you will be issued a refund for any monies paid to date minus the first non-refundable $125.   The minimum number to hold a workshop is always prominently advertised in the workshop description.  There will be no refunds for cancellations within 7 days of the retreat.

Kid Classes:

  • Please plan to attend all of the classes that are purchased.  Make-up classes will not be offered unless the class is cancelled by The Craft Shack. There is an exception for Budding Artists, as there are multiple classes offered during each week. If space allows, your child may attend another class during the SAME week. Please contact The Craft Shack to discuss your options.
  • Please arrive on time for classes.  We discourage early drop-offs and late pick-ups as The Craft Shack is not staffed for extended hours. It is always The Craft Shack’s policy to give your child our full attention while here.  Before class, instructors are prepping for classes and after class, time is devoted to cleaning up. There will be an additional charge of $5 per every 15 minutes outside of scheduled class time.
  • Always dress your child in appropriate art-making clothing.  We do provide smocks here, but when working with paint, glue, glitter, and markers, there is always a chance of it ending up on their clothes.  Your child will be able to create more freely if they aren’t worried about getting some paint on their favorite outfit.
  • No Horseplay. The floors are old and not meant for jumping and running around. Please keep your shoes on at all times.
  • Please have your child bring a drink, preferably water or other non-colored drink. Choose healthy snacks for your child if they are staying with us throughout the day. Sugary snacks and candy can make your child hyperactive and unable to participate in art projects to the fullest.


  • Always try to have a positive attitude.  Here at The Craft Shack we believe in process over product.  Don’t be discouraged if something isn’t turning out “right”. Just showing up to create is the important part in nurturing and growing your creativity. Encourage and compliment others on their artistic efforts. Use of “bad” or hurtful language or behavior towards anyone will not be tolerated.
  • Treat teachers and fellow students with respect and consideration.
  • The Craft Shack is a historic old house with antique floors and doors. Please treat it with care so it can be around another 100 years.
  • Have fun and let your creativity flow!


The Craft Shack does have a small parking lot. In the event, that you arrive and the parking lot is full, there is a city parking lot adjacent to The Craft Shack that is available for use.

Looking for more information

Looking for more information on art classes or special events? Feel free to contact us today!