Join me as we revisit our 7-year old selves and the uninhibited play of creating! We will learn to let go and have fun as we get messy with color and mark making. We will paint intuitively and embrace the mistakes and happy accidents as they happen. Once those mistakes are brought forth we can celebrate and use them as a catalyst for direction. The work begins to speak to us. We react. We respond with quick movements and subtle mark making. We are here to create from a place of not worrying about the outcome. We are not bodies creating “something”. We are souls creating what’s inside, that which is wanting so desperately to get out. There is no better medicine and healing than finding yourself in a mark….in a combination of color….in a shape. We will explore and pull out that which you may not have known was inside!

All styles are welcomed. You may not paint representational...or you may. It all depends on you. This is your journey. I will demonstrate how to paint figures and/or animals for those that want to explore that area. 

This workshop is hosted by The Craft Shack Studio and will be held at Wekiva Island Classroom Sanctuary!

October 15-16, 2015

9:30 am - 4:30 pm


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 Wekiva Island Classroom Sanctuary Exterior

Wekiva Island Classroom Sanctuary Exterior

 Wekiva Island Classroom Sanctuary Interior

Wekiva Island Classroom Sanctuary Interior