Welcome to The Craft Shack Studio...

We are so glad that you are here!  

Located in downtown Longwood, FL, The Craft Shack is a charming, quaint mixed media art studio for passionate creatives of children and adults of ALL ages.   Our classes, workshops and retreats are designed to inspire and nurture your inner artist (even if you don't think you have one)!   From preschoolers, kids to adults, The Craft Shack is a place where art classes are made fun, where you are encouraged to color outside of the lines, use as much glitter as you want and paint until your heart is content!  Won't you join us for all of the creative fun?!

Looking for an awesome venue for your next birthday or event?

The Craft Shack offers some great entertainment options for birthday parties, special occasions, events and pretty much any type of gathering. Each event is unique, so give us a call or email today to get started!

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