Owls, hedgehogs, and bears...Oh My!!

This year, The Craft Shack has been asked by Leu Gardens to design a room for their annual holiday house. What an honor! We will be decorating the child's room which also includes a little bathroom and the stairway landing. Last Thursday, we went on a little fact-finding, brainstorming mission to get ideas. And boy, did we get some ideas! First, if you have never been to Leu Gardens, you must go check it out. The grounds are absolutely beautiful and there is so much history to be learned by visiting this Central Florida treasure.  As we toured the room that The Craft Shack will be decorating, so many ideas popped up for us. We decided on a theme, "For the Love of Nature" which will feature woodland creatures and natural decorations as well as vintage toys and craft items. We are in the beginning stages of planning and we will keep you posted as we go!

Debbie HeltonComment