Create Joy

From the moment I laid my eyes on this beautiful piece of artwork I was overcome with complete and utter joy!  It was almost like an out of body experience, I kept saying over and over again "OMG it is so beautiful, OMG it is so beautiful, I can't possibly give this away, but wait I HAVE to give this way!  This amazing wreath was created by my friend and Craft Shack Cohort Shari Sherman as The Craft Shack entry in the Leu Gardens Wreath Display Silent Auction.  Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Friends of Leu Gardens, a 501c3 nonprofit group to support the operations of Harry P. Leu Gardens.  

The creation of this wreath was a collaborative effort that started out with a call to artists to donate their grimey, yucky (yet beautiful) old paintbrushes.  The paint brushes came flying in and then Shari took them  and worked her special magic that only she can do!  This wreath came out far better than I could have ever imagined.  I think it totally represents The Craft Shack's message of creating joy by uplifting and encouraging women and children to explore their creative side with out the handcuffs of perfectionsim!

If you love our wreath and would like to place a bid follow the link below!  Good luck and thank you for joining me on this creative journey that I have found myself on!