You Want Me to do What??

Love Collage.jpg

Recently I was invited by my good friend Val Woldman, who is a Humanities college professor at Valencia College in Winter Park,  to come up with a Post Modern Pop Art Collage and share the technique with her class.  I thought to teach? COLLEGE STUDENTS??!!  NO WAY! How could I possibly do that?  I dropped out of college to jump into the Big World and go to work!   But hey what did I have to lose?  I decided to go for it!

Val brought home some Pop Art books and as I was scanning through them I came across this Robert Indiana Love Poster and I immediately knew what I wanted to do.

I thought it would be a cool idea for the students to collect wrappers from things that they consume on a regular basis and collage them behind the word LOVE.  I was seriously blown away by the direction that each person took with their piece!  At one point during the class I actually said out loud....OMG I love teaching college students!  They were all so kind and it was a piece of cake!  I am teaching one more time for Val next month and this time I am actually quite excited!

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