Tie Dye Love

I am a hoarder....there I said it!  I  can not bear to throw things out that I know I can use.....someday!   I have amassed quite the supply of painty paper towels from the classes and workshops that I have hosted at The Craft Shack over the past 2.5 years.  Have you ever really looked at the paper towels that you wipe your brush off on when you paint?  The patterns and color mixes are so organic and beautiful.  Most people wad them up and toss them in the garbage without a second thought, but not me, I gather them up and put them in a box for that special someday!  (I have been known to rummage through the garbage can to pull out the discarded masterpieces)!  I always get asked "what are you going to do with those yucky wet paper towels?"  Well today I decided to show you exactly what you I can do with those "yucky wet paper towels! 

Painty Towels.jpg

This stack of yummy paper towels was gathered up from workshops over the past two weekends!  

Tie Dye Love.jpg

I created Tie Dye Love by taking the painty paper towels, cut them into strips, sewed them together and cut out a heart.  I used gel medium to adhere it to a 6x6 canvas that I had collaged with old music paper, stamps and gesso.  I then attached some vintage lace and scrabble tiles.  This piece makes me so happy....I hope you like it too!