Boho Chic Macrame Wall Hanging

Boho Chic Macrame Wall Hanging


Thursday, January 25, 2018


Macrame is back and in style!!!  In this beginner macrame class we will make a boho chic style wall hanging using a sampling of easy knots including casting on, square knot and half hitch.  You will leave this class with a finished piece that you will be excited to show off to your family and friends and the confidence and knowledge to create pieces on your own!  All supplies and materials are included!  






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Meet Your Instructor

Becky Sloan

Becky Sloan is a Pennsylvania native who moved to Central Florida in 2014. With a strong background in the decorative arts, Becky is always adding new challenges to her ever evolving love of art and craft; one which now includes the lost art of macramé, a decorative knotting technique that was embraced in the 1970s and has had resurgence in the decorating community. Becky says this about macramé, “It is a peaceful craft that puts your mind in another place for a moment in time, and helps to eliminate the craziness of the world we live in.”

Becky and Ed Sloan own and operate a vintage macramé business called KNOTSnPOTS. Hitting the show circuit throughout the year has proved to be successful, and it is the shared memories and enthusiasm from her clients that have driven this new business. “Everything old is new again” is a popular line. Who knew that the Millennials of today would embrace macramé as many people did back in the 1970s? Often asked if she teaches her knotting techniques, Becky is always interested in sharing her craft. Having taught art at the Villages Life Learning College in 2016, she is now ready to spread the joy and peace of macramé.