Thrifty Finds Monday

I have become obsessed with thrifting!  I love old linens and old books with great graphics!  I love anything nature oriented or having to do with trees!  

This past week I found an old art book on how to draw trees, a North American Tree book that has beautiful sketches on trees, leaves, pinecones etc, a Birdhouse book that has drawings and plans for how to make every kind of birdhouse you can imagine (I promise Benton I will find one for you too), an old Collage Magazine (super cool graphics), an old measuring stick with cool colors, a white honeycomb vase that I will use for art supply storage and the cutest linen square with pink and green animals and flowers!

I scored all of this for under $20.00!  My first inclination is to hoard each and every thing I bought, but I know I can not do that so I am going to see what I can come up with to repurpose, reuse or recycle these gems!

Would love your would you re-purpose the items I found? 

Post your ideas below or come on over to my Facebook page and share with everyone!

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