Carolina on My Mind

North Carolina is one of my favorite places to visit.   My oldest son is in his Sophomore year of college just outside of Charlotte so over the last year and a half I have spent a lot of time up there!  Thankfully I have family that live within 45 minutes of the college so I always have a place to stay.  My cousin's house has become my second home! Every time I go up I always make sure to set aside at least a day to visit all of my favorite antiquing and thrifting spots!  This last trip did not disappoint!  I am over the moon about each and everything I found and the best thing....I got it all for around $100.00!!  Do you want to see what I hauled home?


I am absolutely in love with this vintage quilt!  I think I am going to follow the lead of my friend Roben Marie and make beautiful journal covers!

I love vintage images and all of these playing cards are so much fun!  I found the 50's pin up playing cards at the bottom of a pile of junk.  It is a full 54 card set with 54 different nude poses. Some of the poses are extremely funny!  

Vintage ephemera and patterns are quickly becoming a fun find.


These flash cards are perfect for The Craft Shack and vintage butterfly cards will make a great addition to one of my art journal pages.

I think I have become obsessed with the images in old books and am slowly becoming a hoarder!  I am hoping to start putting ephemra kits together to sell in my etsy shop that is if I can bring myself to tearing the books apart!

I found this cute little glass cannister set in an old barn.  I actually passed them by until my cousin mentioned that they would make a cute addition to The Craft Shack to use for storage!  They were only priced at $15.00 for the set.  I am so glad I ended up getting them!

My Aunt "gifted" me a box of vintage ribbon, trim, yarn and lots of other crafty goodies!

I know that this is not vintage but I just love this moss and cedar rose!  I first saw the cedar rose in an antique store on my first day in NC.  So the rest of the trip I tried to keep my eye out for the Deodar Cedar tree that these come from.  We finally found a few of them in a cemetery!  My cousin would not get out of the car to help me search for them....I think she was scared!  I told her that I was broadening her horizons!  I have already used a couple of them on a project that I submitted for a local magazine and the moss will be used in my next Terrarium Workshop!

And last but not favorite find!  I happened upon these super cute cigar boxes...just in time for Halloween!  I bought the only 2 boxes he had for only $5.00 a pop!  

What kinds of things do you look for when you go antiquing?